CaitSeth modding commissions

Just here creating gear mods for FFXIV!
Please see the below for more info.
Commission Status: Closed until Sept

Terms and Info

Check here for information about commissions.

Price List

Pricing for commissions.


See some of my past work.

Terms and Info

  • Time to completion for a commission is subject to my IRL schedule, as well as work load, but I will endeavour to have your requests done within a fortnightly period from the time I begin the work. If this is somehow unachievable for whatever reason I will let you know.

  • Payments can be done either upfront or in half instalments via PayPal or Ko-fi. Please note I will not release work prior to the full payment and all sales are final except in cases where issues on my end have prevented the work to be completed at all or to a level that I believe to be satisfactory, in which case you are entitled to a refund. For pricing please see the pricing list.

  • All mods will be tested to the best of my abilities prior to delivery but if for whatever reason there are issues with the commission I will do reasonable fixes for free. This does not include last minute changes of mind or additional modifications.

  • The type of commission work that I do is mostly limited to what you see on the pricing list. This may change from time to time as I expand the work that I am comfortable doing. If you have any questions about my work feel free to contact me prior to making a request. Commissions may be declined if I feel that the work is not suited for me. As a general rule of thumb I won't do any explicitly NSFW or Lalafel related commissions

  • If your request involves modifying an existing custom made mod, please provide permission from the original maker first.

Please provide the following when making a request:

  • Type of commission, including any extras that you desire

  • Race that you wish the piece to be fitted to. (Some outfits may have race specific models)

Once I have read your request I'll discuss with you any details that need clarifying before requesting initial payment

Price List

Before making a request please ensure that you have read my Terms and Info section.All prices listed below are in USD


Body TypePrice
(T1) TBSE / TBSE Slim / TBSE Twink / TBSE Twunk$20
(T2) TBSE Hunk / TBSE Bara$25
Revealing Edit+ $5
Additional Scaling Edits (T1)+ $10
(T2)+ $15
Additional Race Model Edit (If Applicable)+ $5

*Additional fees may apply for extra complex items.


Small Clothing Removal (Belts, Armor etc)$5